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The gentleman staring at you in this picture is Carlos Sarzano, he was the founder of one of Switzerland’s best kept secrets, one of the most underrated watch brands Sarcar Geneve. Sarcar being the first three letters of his first and second names in reverse!

He started producing Sarcar Geneve Watches in 1948, sometimes working in conjunction with other brands like Lanco before producing his own very individualistic ranges of watches.

He was as much an enthusiast about watches in general as he was a much respected figure in the trade.

His philosophy for the brand centred around his belief that Sarcar should be “Large enough to be strong, yet small enough to be free”

The classic period for these watches from our perspective is from the late 1960’s into the late 1970’s.

In these relatively short years, Sarcar produced some truly fabulous watches, affordable yes, but with a great design and quality ethos.

Upon his death in 1974, the company changed direction and now only produce stunning exclusive gem set watches which are only the province of High Nett Worth individuals.

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