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An exclusive collection curated by the Vintage Watch Room

How it works


First things first, we are not Sarcar Geneve the Watch Brand and this site does not sell new Sarcar Geneve Watches.

We are retailers of Vintage Sarcar Geneve watches and this site is dedicated to this brand and to this purpose.

We are part of the Vintage Watch Room ( where we specialise in Vintage Watches from the 20th Century from World War One through to the end of the 1980’s. However there has been one brand that one of the founders of the business has a personal connection to and that is Sarcar Geneve. He was in his early 20’s when he opened a retail store in London’s West End and was one of the first UK retailers to stock Sarcar Geneve, he developed a real soft spot for the brand and although he closed the store on the mid 1980’s he still retained a few models in his personal collection.

The years have rolled by and with the opening of the Vintage Watch Room and having expanded the Sarcar Geneve range, we felt it was only right to open a stand alone store for these incredible watches.

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